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Tradition & Music

"Almabtrieb" & Zillertal Music

Tradition lives on here!

  • The eyes of the audience light up when elaborately decorated cows and sheep move into the valley at the end of summer. Thousands enthusiastically attend the Almabtrieb spectacle.

  • Historic carriages, opulent parade floats, the people of the Zillertal Valley proudly wearing their colourful traditional costumes. This happens, for example, at the Gauder festival, the largest spring traditional festival in Austria that takes place on the first weekend in May. Hotel Bräu, or rather the associated Zillertal beer brewery, is closely connected with this tradition. It set the foundations for the Gauder festival centuries ago.

  • Frightening figures with sinister masks visit Zell in the Zillertal Valley in advent. You could almost get scared if you didn't know that a centuries old custom hides behind the "Krampuslauf"(a run of celebrants dressed as the beast).

  • Previously horn sledges were important tools in the Alpine region. Today they are used at "Stroh Juchhee", the "craziest horn sledge race in the world“, where you will see the funniest formations down the slope. A new extraordinary custom in winter in Zell in the Zillertal Valley!

  • And another tradition: The music ... sometimes quiet and romantic, sometimes atmospheric or even rocky – but always with a distinct Zillertal Valley sound.

The Zillertal Valley is characterised by its traditions and that is what locals and guests love about it. Come and witness our customs and music events!

Gauder festival: 1st weekend of May

You can find dates for the "Krampuslauf", "Stroh Juchhee" and "Almabtrieben" and further highlights at