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A hotel with history

Authentic Tyrol at Hotel Bräu

Our hotel is located in the middle of Zell, directly on Dorfplatz – and has been here since 1500 and has already experienced a lot of Tyrolean history as well as co-writing Zell history.

In 1500, the year our hotel was built, Zell am Ziller was given the right to serve beer and spirits by the archdiocese of Salzburg. This resulted in Zillertal beer, which today is the oldest private brewery in Austria. The local brewery also supplied the Kirchtagsfest with beer on the Gauder estate and laid the foundation for the Gauder festival.

Even from a distance our coat of arms is visible on the front of Hotel Bräu. It shows a barrel and the brewery tools - a malt scoop and a beer scoop - and expresses its history. Until 1783 beer was brewed in the Polsingerhof – which is now Hotel Bräu.

Zillertal Valley's fight for freedom

As well as the Zillertal Valley's detachment from Salzburg, its connection to Tyrol and briefly becoming Bavarian in 1809, the hotel has also been witness to looting in Zell. During this time, Tyrol's freedom fighter Andreas Hofer came into "Bräu". In 1816 a happy ending followed for the region: The Zillertal Valley became part of Austria and Tyrol. When Emperor Franz I visited Zell in the Zillertal Valley in 1816 and celebrated there - incidentally the only emperor visit to Zillertal - he is sure to have stopped by at "Bräu".

A stylish 4 star hotel today

Zell has developed into one of the most significant communities in the Zillertal Valley, where important offices and authorities are now based. Hotel Bräu has advanced to a stylish 4 star hotel that has retained its 500 year history.