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Your Hotel Bräu Team

Greetings from Tyrol!

Together with us, the Kolbitsch family, our staff are focussed on making your stay at Hotel Bräu a pleasant one.
Our employees are distinguished by their professional qualifications, but furthermore – especially important for your sense of wellbeing – by their genuine hospitality. Lots of our employees have been a part of Hotel Bräu for many years.

Staff house - the origin of the Gauder festival

We provide our employees with a room (with shower, toilet and TV) in our staff house. Located on the outskirts of Zell on its own farm, this building, like the Hotel Bräu am Marktplatz, has a lot of history and is the origin of an important tradition:

Austria's largest spring and traditional festival, the "Gauderfest", started there centuries ago. Previously, festival visitors partied in the cleared barns and sheds of the property, the Gauderhaus, which was built in 1861. The local brewery, today Zillertal beer, has always supplied the beer for the festival. Up until the 1950s the festival took place on the Gauder property, but today is celebrated in the centre of Zell. Want to celebrate with us? Then come and visit us on the first weekend of May.

Along with our team, we send you best wishes from the Zillertal Valley and look forward to meeting you soon.